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We are more than just another Bald Product page, we have lots of photos and videos.

Go to our website and other social networks and see how much fun we have.



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These are links to videos that will make you proud to be "Bald"

Shaving Your Own Head Bald.

If you're thinking about shaving your own head you need to watch this video to learn just how to do it the right way. Atlanta's own Ted "TopGun" Cotton demonstrates how to shave your own head saving lots of money on your barber shop trips.

Women Love Bald Men

A tribute to some of the hottest bald men out there on MySpace from BaldProducts.com. This slideshow showcases well-known faces to faces yet to be discovered. If you did not know it before, see for yourself why Women Love Bald Men.

Love Being "Bald"

Short video showcasing from around the world some of the bald guys & gals. Ladies get to see sexy bald heads such as Morris Chestnut, the late Charlie Murphy and Floyd Mayweather, jr.

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