21 Men's Shaving Tips to Help You in Your Morning Shave

Below I have listed 21 Men's Shaving Tips. Not all of them will apply to you, but pick and choose which ones work for your style of shaving and type of facial hair.

Soften your beard by applying a hot towel for a few minutes prior to shaving. Use a Facial Scrub or Cleanser prior to shaving. It softens the whiskers and allows for a closer more comfortable shave. Pre Soak your beard with a mild face cleanser before you shave and allow it sit for on your beard for a minute or two to soften the whiskers before you shave.

After you are done shaving, rinse your face with cold water. It helps wake you up and close your pores which leads to less irritation and ingrown hairs.Try using an electric shaver to get most of the hair off of your face and then proceed with your normal shave. This can help men with very thick or coarse facial hair.Use a Pre Shave Oil and let it sit on your face for at least a minute to allow it to soften your facial hairs.Wet your face before applying Pre Shave Oil. It can help disperse the oil evenly on your face and helps add some extra lubrication to your face.Shave immediately after you get out of the shower. The hot water helps soften the hairs and makes for a much more pleasant and close shave.Shave with the grain of the hair on your face, and cautiously shave against the grain on your neck and chin.

If you are prone to irritation or razor bumps on your neck, then shave with the grain.Go Slow! Most men fly through there morning shave so fast they make mistakes and cause cuts and nicks.Treat shaving as a process or routine. Wash your face, Apply a pre shave oil, Apply shaving cream or gel, Shave, rinse with cold water, dry and then add an aftershave.Try not to pass over the same area more than twice with the razor. The less the razor goes across your face, the less chance for irritation.Make sure to rinse your blade after every 2 strokes. It make seem tedious, but your razor gets clogged and does not provide as close and clean of a shave once it is clogged up. Some men with very course facial hair will need to rinse the blade after every stroke. Allow the blade to do the work.

Today's razors are very sharp. Applying unnecessary pressure to the blade will only cause irritation and razor burn and will not provide you with a closer shave.After you let your aftershave soak in, use a quality men's face moisturizer. This will help add needed moisture to the skin and calms the skin.Use an oil free face lotion in place of an after shave if you are prone to acne.Avoid nicking or cutting your Adams apple by pulling the skin to one side and shaving it, and then the other side. This way you don't need to run the blade over your Adams apple.Don't try to make a blade last longer than it should. Your skin is paying the price.Rinse and dry your blade thoroughly after every shave. This will extend the life of your blade greatly. Oxidation is the number cause for blade dulling. By drying the blade you help minimize the oxidation problem.

Get up early enough so that you give yourself enough time to not have to rush through your shave. You would be surprised at how many men cause there own face irritation because they shave too fast and don't take there time.If you want to shave in the shower, invest in a fog free mirror so that you can see your face as you shave. Shaving without a mirror is like vacuuming your carpet in the dark. You might get most, but you'll always miss a spot.

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