3 Reasons to Use Shaving Oil to Avoid Razor Burn

Many people are not familiar with shaving oils and they are really missing out. Shaving Oil is one of the most efficient ways to get a smooth close shave while also cutting down on irritation and razor burn. Here are three reasons why shaving with oil is the best thing you can do for yourself regardless of the place on your body you are looking to de-hair.

1) Use it as by itself or as a pre-shave moisturizer

Shaving oil is very versatile. You can use it by itself or combine it with another shaving product. If using it by itself the oil will allow the razor to glide over your skin without catching on the stubble. The oil is an excellent lubricant and helps protect your skin from the harsh blades of the razor, by forming a protective coating on your skin. Every time you drag the razor over your skin the blades wick away moisture which can lead to irritation and razor burn. For that reason if you are shaving in sensitive areas I recommend using shaving oil as a pre-shaving oil. Liberally massage the oil on the area to be shaved and without washing off the oil in between apply your favorite shaving lotion. It is best if using a non-foaming shaving cream or gel. This extra layer of shaving goodness can further protect your skin and allow an even smoother glide of the razor.

2) It's green and efficient

When shaving with shaving oil you will find that a little goes a long way. One 4oz bottle of shaving oil can last up to a whole year of daily whole body shaving. Just think of how many cans of shaving cream you go through in one year. That is a lot of waste. There is no need to further clutter up our landfills. The longevity of a single bottle also has other benefits such as travel. Don't lug around that large can of shaving foam. Just pack a 1oz bottle in your carry-on and you won't even have trouble at airport screening stations. You are well under the 3oz liquid carry-on maximum and still know that however long you are away from home it probably won't run out.

3) It's all natural

Most shaving products on the market rely on heavy doses of chemicals. Shaving oils are a blend of natural oils that are grown in a field, not produced in a factory. The simplest form of shaving oil is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It's great for your skin and will help with a shave. Most producers of shaving oils go a step further having concocted their own blends over the years using high quality oils to give an even better shaving experience.

So, whether you want a more environmentally friendly way to shave or treat your skin to the most healthy and smooth shave possible, Shaving oil is the way to go. Treat your skin to something special and help save mother earth.

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