Bald Bachelor's Dating Tips

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Dating Tips:

Most men have the wrong attitude when it comes to dating women – they think of games and pursuits. The thing is, while this might help you approach a woman, it puts her in the wrong state of mind. She’ll want to run instead of come closer to you. It’s been often said that females are mysterious creatures, hard to understand and completely unpredictable. So learn to understand the women first. There is a philosophical balance between a man and women. Is she lonely longing for love or loving her independence and having the time of her life? I’m not saying that game playing never works – it can if you have the perfect body along with your shaved head, or you’re such a good looking bald head man that she doesn’t realize you’re playing.

You don’t want a battle mode, us vs. them. Mentality that has you playing out war games in your head. Why? Because no matter how careful you are, that attitude is going to translate. She may not know what it is, but she’ll know something isn’t quite right when she’s talking to you. She may feel on the defensive. You create a pursuit, and guess what her role in the pursuit is? That’s right – to run away. If you’re coming at her – and especially if you come at her head on – she’s going to flee. At best, she’ll sense an ulterior motive and be wary. At worst she’ll just get away from you. However if your interests is speed dating just know that speed dumping can’t be far behind.

Most women like a man with a mature flirting style, they dislike the loud guy that hollers out offensive words. Complimenting the women on how she looks, like what she’s wearing or how you like the way her hair is styled is more appropriate and can lead to a better conversation. According to Dr. Jeff Gardere, host of the New York radio show Conversations with Dr. Gardere, says that almost any place is a good place to flirt. From grocery stores to laundromats to the post office, there is a range of options. My advice to you is just don’t flirt at the office. It’s just inappropriate and can lead to problems.

The main thing is …You want to be RELAXED and HAVE FUN.

Written by "Shine" Harris the Marketing Manager for

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