Shaving Basics - What You Need to Have and Do to Quickly Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Culture of Shaving

Body hair may have some benefits but often fashion and social preferences call for a hairless look. The first and most obvious way of removing hair is by shaving. A sharp blade glides across the skin, exfoliating the hair and the skin. Shaving has become the universal method of removing unwanted hair because it is convenient and inexpensive. It is more convenient than most other hair removal methods. Shaving one's face or legs usually only takes a few minutes. Shaving is also one of the few hair removal options you can perform while in the shower. It also doesn't require a lot of equipment. As long as you have a razor your can shave off your hair. While you can spend a good deal of money getting the highest quality razors, accessories, and skin care products, shaving generally costs a whole lot less than almost any other form of hair removal.

Shaving has some disadvantages, though, compared to other hair removal methods. When shaving you only remove the hair at the surface level which means that it grows back quickly and as coarse and dark as before. Shaving is also relatively dangerous, potentially causing short-term damage to your skin. Everyone who has shaved for a while has experienced cuts and annoying ingrown hairs. These problems can be mitigated by being very careful when you shave, but doing so takes more time and requires more expensive products. This reduces the benefits of the low cost and convenience factors that made shaving so appealing in the first place.

Tools to Get the Best Shave

If you are planning to shave unwanted hair, get the right equipment for the job. Let's take a look at the tools and products you will want to have in your medicine cabinet before you begin to shave.


Not all razors are created equal, so don't necessarily go for the cheapest razor you can find. A good sharp blade is essential. Dull blades will give you razor burn and cuts. Some razors have multiple blades at different angles to ensure that you get to the roots of your hair. Other blades may include a pivoting head or lubricated strips. Straight razors are still available, though I don't recommend them for anyone who doesn't have a very steady hand and experience shaving. If you are a man and wish to shave your back, there are special handles created to hold your favorite razor. There is no right razor for every person, so you may need to test different blades to see how your body reacts to them.

Electric Shavers

Not all men or women want to take the extra time to shave. The good news is there are plenty of innovations out there that will help you speed up the process. Electric shavers can make shaving quicker because you can often use them while doing other things. There are many different kinds of electric shavers on the market today. Some special grooming tools allow you to shape facial hair rather than just shave it all away, and some electric shavers allow you to shave in the shower.

Look for an electric shaver that has the following attributes:

It is rechargeable, so that you don't have to worry about the cord getting in the way. It can hold a charge through many uses. It can charge up quickly. It can also work while plugged, in case you forget to charge it. It is easy to clean.

To use an electric shaver consider the following tips.

Dampen your skin to start.Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.Apply enough pressure to effectively remove the hair, but not enough to hurt.Hold the skin firmly as you shave. Store the electric shaver after you have emptied it of all the collected hair.Change the blade on the shaver every month.

Preparation Oil

A pre-shave oil is another product that is becoming more popular. This is used on the area to be shaved just prior to applying the cream, soap or gel. The preparation oil allows for a smoother shave and protects the skin. If you tend to get razor burn or ingrown hairs, consider adding this to your routine.

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream acts as a lubricant and a moisturizer, and also shows which areas have not been shaved. Take time to work the cream or gel into a lather. Since this process allows the razor to glide smoothly, potential for cuts and nicks is reduced. Organic shaving creams can prevent unwanted allergic reactions that may be a problem for some people. Female shaving cream is recommended for both male and female pubic shaving since it is gentler on the skin. Shaving cream can be applied with the hands or with a shaving brush. Find a good shaving cream or gel and your shaving experience will be much more comfortable.

After Shave Skin Conditioner

After shaving consider applying a skin balm, lotion, or after shave. It acts as a moisturizer and can relieve irritation caused by razor burn. Be sure to look for products that do not contain alcohol which dries out the skin.

Styptic Products

No matter how careful you are, or how much experience you have, accidents will sometimes happen. Keep on hand a styptic powder, pencil or liquid to put on any nicks you might make in your skin.

Tips to Get the Best Shave

Cleanse the shaving area and rinse with warm water first. If possible, shave in the shower or immediately following a shower. Do not shave if your skin is already irritated.Exfoliate the skin regularly.Use a good light to see what you're doing.After every stroke of the razor, rinse it to remove the collected lather and hair. This ensures that the hair is evenly removed. Do not rush, as this will increase the chances of nicking the skin. Be especially careful around curves, pulling the skin tight while shaving.Wash all the excess lather and wipe the skin clean.Moisturize the skin regularly. Products containing aloe are good choices.Change your razor or the blade after every three uses.If you have trouble with ingrown hairs, try shaving in the direction of the hair growth. To help release ingrown hairs, use a product designed to remove the top layer of skin, such as an exfoliating glove. You may also consider using a lotion that contains some analgesic.Consult your dermatologist for advice if you have acne and want to shave your face.

Shaving can become such a comfortable part of your routine that you hardly even think about it. Use these tips and tools to easily and quickly remove unwanted hair. No matter how long you've been shaving you can probably make one change today that will make your experience more enjoyable or effective.

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