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Going with a totally Shaved Head is one of the best hair styles for balding men & women.


 In the mean time...


 Thinking About Shaving Your Head?


Well here’s some shaving tips… First, have a barber, a friend or yourself to trim down your hair to a stubble. Anything longer than that will make it difficult to shave. Clean your scalp with soap and water. Next lubricate your scalp with a shaving crème, gel or shaving oil that prevents evaporation of water. Make sure your hair is very wet when you start shaving. This allows the razor to glide smoothly. Avoid shave crèmes that contain mostly air, and hydrocarbon propellants that can irritate the skin. Let the shaving lubricant sit for a few minutes to give time to soften coarse hair and provide a much more comfortable shave.  Use a new blade to shave your head against the grain and use slow, even strokes. If you want to avoid shine on a shaved head, the two basic steps are not to shave too closely and shave with the grain instead of against it.  Run both hands over your head to feel for patches you may have missed on your newly shaved head.


Keep in mind, that by removing natural oils from your scalp, you are removing your skin’s natural protection. Follow up with a soothing scalp moisturizer skin-care oil which helps keep the natural oils in the scalp that are needed daily without clogging the pores.

You should be proud of your bald head!

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